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The Firm has several invoicing methods for professional fees, which are settled on in advance with client based on their operative needs. Along with modern trends, we do not implement hourly rate criteria, as they are unpredictable for clients and misalign lawyer and client interests. Our main philosophy is that fee setting should not be an obstacle to establish cooperation links and legal work.

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Retaining Fee (Flat Fee)

This system is a fix-monthly rate payment –calculated on a service requirement rate that is previously determined– giving clients the right to the complete legal advice routine that they need and have to conduct with their ordinary operative activities. The advantage of this system is that the client’s lawyer services are always available to them to take care of all contingencies usually present in the business, to the extent that they have previously paid for those services that remain unchanged during a certain period. Fees established under the Retaining Fee system are assessed on a six-monthly basis in order to keep a proper adjustment between service demand and payment, and it does not include addressing contentious proceedings or those extraordinary cases that, due to their nature, sum of money or scope, fall beyond the ordinary scope of services. Due to their characteristics, fees established under the Retaining Fee system are invoiced and paid in advance.

Fees on a Case-by-Case Basis.

This system involves setting fees previously agreed for each specific case, which are set in a consensual manner, taking into consideration the matter specialty, complexity, sum of money, time spent, among other factors. Fees may be structured by a fixed amount, a percentage of the money involved in transaction or both criteria combined. In all cases, an initial payment is set for the services.

In certain contentious issues, fees may be set under the contingency fee or success fee system. However, in all of these cases and initial non-refundable amount is set, which is deductible from the total amount of fees.

In the event that, once fixed fees are settled on, the service scope goes beyond the scope of original instructions, additional work related changes would be calculated according to the agreement between the parties. Fees settled on under the fixed fee system are invoiced and paid according to the agreement between the parties, for each specific case. 

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