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Contracts, Commercial Transactions and Negotiations.

Free Competition and Consumer Protection.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Reorganizations.


Land Remediation and Titling, Construction and Real Estate Business.

Asset Restructurings and Bankruptcy Proceedings.

Employment and Migration Law.

About us

Guzmán Halberstadt & Asociados

Efficient Legal Solutions since 1998

The Firm was created in 1998 by Doctor César A. Guzmán Halberstadt, lawyer (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, PUCP) with a Master’s Degree in Legal Education (San Martin de Porres University, USMP), a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property and Competition Law (c) (PUCP), and a Graduate Degree in Economic Analysis of Law (Complutense University of Madrid). Harvard Courses in Law & Economics (Harvard Law School Cambridge-USA); Game Theory Certification by Stanford University and University of British Columbia;  Board Member of the Latin American and Iberian Law and Economics Association (ALACDE); Professor of Economic Analysis of Law, Special Contracts and Game Theory as Applied to Law at the San Martin de Porres University School of Law. Partner at Guzmán Halberstadt & Asociados Abogados. President of the USMP Centre for Law and Economics Studies (CEDE) and the Center for Civil Law Studies (CEDC), he participated in several national and international academic events on Economic Analysis of Law and published various specialty articles; additionally, he provided consulting services to institutions involved in Peruvian legislative activities.

The Firm is intended to provide its comprehensive legal consulting services to natural persons and legal entities, with special emphasis on those conducting national and international business activities with a modern outlook in the practice of Law that proposes a legal contingency assessment based on an economic approach.

It is a critical part in the Firm members’ spirit to provide clients with customized consulting services that they may access on a permanent and promptly basis to learn about the current law regulations, obtain answers to their inquiries, and solve contingencies in business activities. Therefore, we organize our professional performance combining teamwork and a personalized treatment for each client, within a framework of honesty, efficiency and permanent communication.

In order to meet its objectives, the Firm has an efficient professional and administrative platform; it operates at national and international levels, whether directly or through correspondent offices with first-class professionals, and the option to provide services in Spanish, English and Italian.

“We are experienced and capable enough to get to the heart of the problem. As we get to know the clients actual needs, we are able to build a better relationship with them, assist them in their development and prevent future unwanted contingencies in their entrepreneurial endeavors.”

César Guzmán Halberstadt

 Our Team


Acting in a proper, honest and ethic way, in strict observance of the Law.

Prioritizing efficiency in the development of an interdisciplinary comprehensive legal consulting service.

Promoting human development, innovation, academic training and cooperative solutions.

Av.Arequipa 1768 Lince 15046 Perú.


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